HMEPS Estimated Retirement Benefits Calculator

Welcome to the Houston Municipal Employees Pension System (“HMEPS”) retirement benefit calculator. This benefit calculator will allow you to enter information to calculate a projection of your HMEPS retirement benefits. This is not an official HMEPS estimate.

HMEPS provides this benefit calculator as part of our ongoing efforts to increase member's awareness of their pension benefits and the importance of those benefits to their future. You can use the benefit calculator to calculate approximate pension benefits you may receive from HMEPS under different scenarios depending on information you provide. This will allow you to calculate your benefits more than once to determine the effect of retiring on different dates, with different salaries, and/or with different amounts of credited service.

Also, the benefit calculator does not validate eligibility for a benefit at this time. In order to be eligible for a retirement benefit, you must have at least five years of credited service in HMEPS and timely apply for your benefit.

As you use the benefit calculator, be sure to check out the Quick Tip () information on the screen. These Quick Tips provide information on completing your estimate, helpful hints, and brief explanations of some terms you may not be familiar with. As you move through the questions, the Quick Tips can help you determine the most appropriate information to add to the benefit calculator. Please note that the Quick Tips are written in nontechnical language, and that in the event of any conflict with Article 6243h, Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. as amended (Statute), the Statute shall prevail.
This Calculator provides estimates based on participation in one group (Group A, Group B, or Group D) during your period of service.

This calculator is intended for use by members (active employees). If you are a former member or deferred participant, this calculator should not be used to provide estimates.

PLEASE NOTE: The estimates you receive from the benefit calculator are not those of HMEPS. The estimator provides an approximate computation of your benefits for personal use only. The estimates provided are not based on official HMEPS or City of Houston data, but rather on information you supply. Therefore, HMEPS will not provide any benefit based on the use or results of this benefit estimator.

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